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Place of Origin:
United Arab Emirates
Brand Name:
Clink Digital flow meter
Model Number:


No moving parts used in Flow meter
No errors due to wear
Does not measure air
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. Features Model:  Clink-92

  • No moving / mechanical element vibrating
  • No errors due to wear
  • Does not measure air
  • Unaffected by grit and particulates
  • Wide temperature specification range
  • Low pressure drop, simple flow path
  • Low power battery powered electronics
  • Visual display and AMR   (as per requirement)
  • Self verification and correction
  • No reverse flow measurement
  • High pressure rating and Tamper resistant
  • Continuous operation
  • Automatic viscosity and temperature compensation
  • Intelligent with data bus for more remote use
  • High production volume, low cost
  • OEM branding for volume customers and utilities
  • 100% performance test in production
  • Outlasts more than conventional mechanical water meters
  • Remain high accuracy over life-time.
  • Clear and easy to read LCD display.
  • Least count: 0.01 Liter

III. Technical Data:

1. Water meter nominal diameter: DN15mm

2. Dimensions





Connecting Thread










3. Nominal flow rate: Q3=1.6m3/h

4. Flow range: Q3/Q1=80;

5. Flow related parameters


DN (mm)

Permanent flow rate

Transitional flow rate

Min. flow rate







6. Accuracy: According to ISO 4064-2005   

7. Water temperature: ≥ 50C

8. Pressure loss: P≤0.063MPa;

9. Maximum working pressure: 1.6MPa;

10. Batteries life: 7 years.


IV. Maximum Permission error:

In the upper zone (Q2≤Q≤Q4):

1) Maximum permission error is ±2% at the temperature ≤30C

2) Maximum permission error is ±3% at the temperature ≥30C

In the lower zone (Q1≤Q≤Q2), maximum permission error is ±5%.

V. Installation:

1.         A length of more than 10 times of nominal diameter inlet straight pipe   and 5 times of nominal diameter outlet straight pipe should be installed.

2.         Water flow should be in the same direction with the arrow on water meter main case; If installed horizontally (or vertically), water meter surface should face right upwards (or right ahead), and it can not have any deflection from water meter outlet axis.

3.         The installation location should be protected from sunlight, freezing; pollution and water drown for easy removing.

4.         Flush the pipe work thoroughly to clear all impurities before install the water meter.

5.         The water meter and pipeline should be connected by pipefitting, sealing gaskets and plastic connecting nuts. The water meter should not be removed by force to prevent the damage to the water meter cover.